We offer a bespoke design service.

Transforming your garden from concept to completion involves the following stages:


Initial visit & consultation

The first step is often a design consultation.  It's a chance for us to meet and understand each other.  I get to hear what you want from the site, as well as your likes and dislikes.  I also get a chance to view the site and get a feeling for the genius loci, the sense of place.  You get initial advice and a better understanding of what I can do for you. We can then discuss a way forward.

It's never too early to engage a garden designer.  Early advice can prevent expensive mistakes.  So even if your house is still a building site, or even in planning, it makes sense to get in touch.  I believe inside and outside spaces work better when they complement each other. 


A comprehensive survey of the site really helps get the best design possible, as it aids the creative design process and makes sure practical considerations are addressed.  I strongly recommend getting a professional survey carried out, particularly for larger gardens.  I can perform smaller surveys or advise on commissioning professional surveys.

MAster / concept plans

I finalise the client brief to make sure the master plan will satisfy their changing requirements, both now and in the future.

I then explore and assess different options for the site, utilising my creative training and experience.  Most of my time will be spent at the drawing board.  My considerations include usability, lines of sight and desire, genius loci, and the balance between areas of mass and void.

I then produce a master plan showing the overall layout for the site, including specimen trees, planting areas and hard landscaping such as walls, buildings, paving and paths.  The plan may be supplemented by perspective drawings and mood boards.

DEtailed layout plans

The detailed plan incorporates any amendments agreed with you, and is used in conjunction with planting plans and construction drawings to enable landscape contractors to cost, set out and build the garden.

planting plans

There are literally thousands of possible plants to choose from.  I consider the principle of 'right plant, right place' to determine what to plant where, as wells as considerations such as colour, shape, size, texture, seasonal interest and how plants work with each other.

Planting plans show the numbers, sizes and positions of plants.  They can be produced for new gardens, or can be produced separately for existing planting areas that you want to improve.

construction drawings

Hard landscaping is more expensive than planting, and harder to adjust, so it is important that it is planned and implemented correctly.  I can produce construction drawings showing the detail and make-up of walls, water features, paving, paths and other hard landscaping.  These can be used to determine the cost of schemes and give contractors a plan to follow.

selecting your contractor

Some clients already have a contractor in mind, whilst others do not.  Designs can require many different professional skills to put them in place.  I can help you pick the right contractor for you, be that a main contractor or specialist sub-contractor.

Project build and monitoring

I help make sure your garden plans are implemented properly by monitoring the work and advising your contractor.  During this time I make regular site visits.  I hold a Project Management Professional qualification and was previously Head of Audit for Change in a large financial organisation.


I can source, supply and set out the plants for your garden ready for planting.  If your main contractor isn't going to do the planting we can organise planting for you.

maintenance plans

Once your garden has been constructed I can provide maintenance schedules and plans for you or your gardeners.