Planting with anchors

We had a fun day today dodging showers of rain, hail, snow and sleet whilst planting some trees from Barcham. Thankfully the forecast thunderstorms didn't quite get to us...

We used Platipus Anchors instead of stakes, as well as their irrigation system, and I was very impressed.  It was the first time I'd used them, and they were fairly idiot-proof. There are two main benefits - the first is atheistic, as you don't see any stakes above ground, and the second is practical, as the tree is anchored at its base rather than creating a stress point further up the trunk where stakes are usually tied to the tree.

My two favourites are the Magnolia 'Star Wars' and the Cercis siliquastrum, both multi-stemmed and already giving some structure to a new garden.

I had to get 'Star Wars' as soon I saw its name as my boys could possibly be described as fans of the series, and it has the great bonus of being a stunning tree with lovely pink blooms. I'm looking forward to seeing them open over the next month or so.  The tree could eventually get to 7m high and 3m wide.

Cercis siliquastrum, the Judas Tree, is an old favourite. I'm always amazed when the deep pink flowers appear on the older growth and cover the stems, branches and sometimes even grow on the trunk in late April - May.