Stone and then some

I visited CED Natural Stone in Essex today with the East Sussex SGD Cluster Group.  

We had a great time looking at the stone and associated products, and many thanks to Giles Heap for his time and knowledge.

There were a few stones that were new to me that I really liked, particularly the Donegal Quartzite and the Porphyry Setts, and hopefully I'll get a chance to use them in future jobs.

The one product that I was really taken with was the exterior grade porcelain tiling, which comes in ten colours - eight stone and two wood.  It really looks similar to the real thing, but has good grip and strength as well as very low water absorption rates.  I wish I'd been able to use it on north facing jobs before now, where despite best efforts stone always eventually turns green.  I've got a feeling I'll be using it before long.