Public Space Walk, London

Went on a very enjoyable public space walk through part of London yesterday with other Inchbald students.  Started at Thames Barrier Park, before progressing through Jubilee Park, More London, Potters Fields, Tate Modern and Neo Bankside.

Having been on a three day trip to Paris last month looking at gardens and parks over there, I came away with the overall impression that London can stand proud in terms of public space design and execution.

At Thames Barrier Park I particularly liked the use of an existing dry dock as a strong diagonal across the grid design.  Definite echoes of Parc Citroën.  It’s a long way from most places in London, but worth a visit if you’re over that way.  The cafe was very nice too.

We saw most of the other spaces over and around lunchtime, and it was great to see the them all being used and enjoyed.  In some places, it was interesting taking the time to assess things that I’ve walked past dozens of times in the past, such as the rill at More London.

There was a definite naturalistic feel to the planting in many of the parks, and it was great chatting to the gardeners at Potters Fields and Neo Bankside.

I love London in the sun.